Viña Viu Manent

The Hike through the Vineyards Tour starts in our Malbec Room where you'll learn about our history. Afterwards you'll visit the Variety Garden to see about the different grape varieties growing across Chile and Colchagua. Later you'll take a walk through the historical vineyards of San Carlos de Cunaco, where you will learn about the viticulture technics taking place during the season and enjoy of the beauty and value of this very treasured vines.

The experience finishes with a 5 wines tastings.

Afterwards, you can visit the wine shop and the Emporium with handicrafts and souvenirs. This activity is available from Monday to Friday.

The hike will be 1 kilometer aprox.
* Seniors (65+) pay the same value as children. (Proof of age with identification card).

* In case of not taking the tasting, the same value as children is paid. * Wine tasting is done only over 18 years old (mandatory).
* Seniors (65+) pay the same price as adults.

* A 10 minute window is allowed for delayed guests. After that time, the reservation is cancelled.
* In case of rain, is not possible for the activity to take place and the return policy will be applied. It's also possible to reschedule the activity for a later date in the year.

Return Policy:

* To return the money must be made at least 24 hours in advance. * You must contact the email or phone +56228403181

* The return will correspond to 100% of the reservation and will be effective in the same means of payment within 10 business days.


Ruta 90 2, Santa Cruz, Nancagua, O'Higgins, Chile

Our Hike through the Vineyards Tour starts with our history in the Malbec Room. You’ll go across our Variety Garden and you’ll walk through the vineyards of San Carlos de Cunaco, learning about viticulture. The experience ends with a 5 wines tasting.

Desde: Adulto $18.000 CLP, Niño $9.000 CLP, Adulto Mayor $9.000 CLP.

El tour incluye:


Viña Viu Manent